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Many businesses rent office space instead of buying it. That can help them save money, especially in the early days of business where they need some commercial space but don’t want to invest too much.

Rented commercial spaces are often redesigned to suit a tenant’s business and branding. People add barriers, temporary walls, decorations, and other such fixtures to ensure the space can accommodate their requirements. At the end of their tenancy, renters must restore the space back to its original condition before handing keys over.  At Viacon Projects, we offer professional strip-out and make-good services.

Make Good Services

Make good is the process of adding some finishing touches so landlords can present the property directly to prospective tenants instead of investing in repairs or redecorations. Make good plans involve:

  • Repairing Original Installations – This includes building walls, tiles or fixtures, floors, ceilings, and other such structural elements. We will repair drill marks, cracks, holes, etc., to make sure these important building components are back in good condition.
  • Repainting – Once the walls are repaired, our team will apply a layer of paint to make them presentable. We use neutral colours like whites or creams so future tenants have a blank canvas for their customisations.
  • Installing Floor Coverings – If the original plans included specific floor coverings, they must be installed again before a property is handed over.
  • Fire and Mechanical Services – All fire or mechanical services that were included in original plans must be restored during make good projects. If you haven’t altered these in any way, there’s no need for restoration.
  • Clean-up – Once our work is done, cleaning experts will clean, sanitise, and deodorise the entire place, removing all lingering traces of dust or debris. This is done carefully to ensure newly restored structures aren’t damaged.

After both strip-out and make-good aspects of this project are complete, tenants can hand the property back to the management. You have fulfilled contractual obligations and can focus on new projects.

Strip Out Services

Strip out services include removing every change you made to the leased property after getting tenancy. The goal is to restore it based on original building plans. This process can be long, complicated, and requires a lot of skill. It’s important to be careful and not damage any original components because tenants will be forced to repair or replace them at their own cost. Our expert team has carried out several strip-out projects over time and knows this process well. Here’s a brief look at what’s involved in it:

  • Removing Interior Walls and Partitions – Strip-out experts will study original floor plans and remove any interior walls or partitions that were added after tenancy. This usually involves demolition though we take care not to harm original fixtures.
  • Removing Built In Fixtures – Any fixtures like cabinets, shelving, signs, plumbing, or seating arrangements are removed if they weren’t included in the original plans. Decorative fixtures like plants, fountains, or statues are also removed.
  • False Ceilings and Light Fixtures – False ceilings and lights are usually added after tenancy to suit a renter’s requirements. These must be removed before new tenants can come in so they’re included in the “make good” clause of a lease contract.
  • Floor Covering or Electrical Services – Floor coverings like carpets, rugs, vinyl sheets or tiles, etc., must be removed if they weren’t included in the original plans. Electrical services like special connections to sever rooms, internet or telecommunication outlets, and other such fixtures should also be dismantled.
  • Disposal of Waste – All waste items are disposed of off responsibly so you can handover a clean space to the landlord. We follow disposal regulations and take particular care of hazardous materials.

Types of Strip Out / Make Good Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of strip-out/make good services. Different clients require different kinds of services, which is why our team develops a customised approach for every project. We provide a full range of services so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and these services include:



Factory or industrial

Hospital, clinics, doctor’s offices

Restaurants and cafés

Shopping Centres, stores and shops

All strip-outs are carried out meticulously, without causing any harm to the original property. The make-good process ensures all flaws that didn’t exist before tenancy are removed.

Why Choose Us?

We understand all the legal requirements and obligations involved in this strip-out and make-good process. Our experts ensure the repairs and installations are according to local building code and fit the original plans. Every employee on our team is well-trained and reliable so clients don’t have to worry about additional damages or expenses related to this project.

As a certified, licensed, and insured company, we always pay attention to quality as well as customer satisfaction.  If you want to know more about our make good construction services here at Viacon Projects, just contact us or call on 02 9513 9845 and we’ll be happy to help.



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