All construction projects are riddled with complexities and the one way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to work with a reliable, and competent construction team.

At Viacon Projects, we have a very efficient, time-tested project management processes in place, ensuring the smooth running of a project. In the event of any hurdles and glitches, you can rest assured that everything will be addressed quickly andefficiently. We provide very high levels of support in all our residential and commercial construction services. If you’re looking for trustworthy construction services for your home or business, give us a call today.

Residential Construction Services.

Most people dream of building their own home for years. They save money, make tentative plans, and work hard to keep their dream alive. When they finally are ready to build a new home, they need an experienced and honest construction company to help them realise their dream. We understand how much emotional and monetary investment goes into building a house so our crew takes every project seriously.

Here’s a look at our residential construction services:

New Homes

Building a new home from scratch requires intensive planning because we need to start from the beginning. Our approach to such projects is always systematic and organised to ensure all aspects of it go smoothly. Our new home building services involve:

  • Project Brief – The first step is to understand our client’s priorities for the project. Some want to get it done within a specific amount of time while others need a unique design. We take all of these priorities into consideration during the project brief before creating a basic plan and cost estimate.
  • Analysing the Cost – Building projects represent a significant investment, no matter how big or small your house is. We believe clients should have a detailed understanding of all costs involved to make an informed decision. Our team will consider material cost, labour, time, design expenses, permits, government fees, etc., before providing you with a thorough cost plan. We are also experts in value engineering, working with you to cut corners on certain aspects of a construction project without compromising quality.
  • Design and build – An expert team of designers brings your vision to life, creating a beautiful home that reflects your taste. We work in stages, creating a few rough sketches during the planning stage before providing a final drawing of the new home. Once the plan is ready and approved, construction experts start to work on site.

Granny Flats and Extensions

Granny flats or extensions require a different approach than new construction because we need to consider the existing property in our design. Our team will look at how much space you have; determine which design is ideal for your requirements. Extensions are usually smaller and require less planning. Our team maintains consistency in design, making sure the extension doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb or compromises the value of your property.

While extensions are attached to your property, granny flats are usually separate. We endeavour to ensure there’s consistency in design while making the granny flats unique as well. Our team can create one, two, or three bedroom granny flats using solid design principles as well as good materials. These structures are custom-built to fit in perfectly with the architectural elements and styling of your property.

We are always focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Our team will communicate with you consistently throughout the project so you are aware of our progress. We’ll also double-check everything at the end to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the structure. If you want safe and reliable homes, Viacon is the one to call.

Viacon Projects provides complete turnkey solutions for new home construction, handling everything from initial planning to end construction. This means you needn’t deal with multiple vendors on the project, and the project  progresses smoothly.



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