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If your property is more than a few decades old, it’s a good idea to hire remedial construction services to reinforce it. Bringing older buildings up to modern standards can extend their lifespan and lower your expenses by a considerable margin.

At Viacon Projects, we provide reliable strata and remedial construction services at reasonable prices. Our team is experienced, reliable, and skilled so you get the best results from the projects.

Strata and Remedial.

Small and Complex Remedial Jobs

Remedial jobs come in all shapes and sizes; some involve large residential complexes while others involve small stores with multiple problems. As a reputed construction company, we have enough skill and manpower to handle difficult projects. Our experienced strata team works with clients from initial design to final inspection. You needn’t hire other vendors for this project, which can help keep things organised and on track.

A skilled team of experts handles all aspects of remedial construction meticulously, carrying out thorough inspections at regular intervals to ensure there are no flaws in construction. We are honest and direct with clients, recommending repairs or replacements only where they’re needed. An expert team will work with you to create a suitable budget, cut costs without compromising quality, and make sure the remedial construction fits all your requirements.

Defect Inspection and Reporting

Remedial construction projects are different from rebuilding projects because we work with existing structures by strengthening them and removing all flaws. To remove flaws, we first need to understand them. An expert team of inspectors will examine the entire building carefully. Here are some factors we look for:

  • Extensive water damage that can compromise structural integrity.
  • Dilapidation in different areas of the building.
  • Evidence of water leaks at multiple locations.
  • Assessment of a building’s structural integrity based on modern standards.
  • Looking for evidence of corrosion in metal support structures.

These are just some of the many factors considered during a remedial construction investigation. After a thorough inspection is done, clients receive a detailed report along with a cost estimate. This report will also include recommendations for immediate repairs as well as a list of repairs that can be deferred for a few years. This allows clients to make an informed decision about their property and projects.

Problems We Can Fix

Remedial projects are planned according to client requirements or council demands. Every property will have a different set of problems and might need different plans. Our team is capable of repairing all kinds of structural damage and that includes:

Concrete Cancer – This is a serious problem that occurs when steel reinforcements within a concrete slab develop rust or corrosion. That can weaken the structural integrity of a slab, causing it to crumble or chip away. Concrete cancer can cause large cracks and spall near cracks. This can spread to other areas of a building, compromising it seriously. We identify these areas and repair them carefully to ensure your building is safe to use once again. If concrete cancer is left unchecked, it can cause serious accidents.

Water Damage – Excessive water damage is common during floods or devastating storms. Water is corrosive as it sinks into all kinds of building material to damage it from within. If these materials are exposed to water for too long, they can’t be repaired and must be replaced. Our team inspects all corners of your property to identify which areas are damaged beyond repair and which can be salvaged. All water damaged areas are repaired to ensure there are no lingering patches that housemould or rot.

Fire Damage – Fire can ruin a building’s structural integrity, which is why it’s important to address damage immediately. It can continue to harm your property even after the fire has been put out. Water, smoke, ash, etc., can corrode existing building material until it there’s no choice but to replace it. We clear all irreparable items and repair what we can to ensure your property is structurally sound once again.

Building Defects – Builders take every step possible to avoid defects as that can make a structure unsafe. However, mistakes and miscalculations can happen during such a complicated process. Our team carefully examines a property to isolate building defects before coming up with effective solutions for it.

Façade Upgrades – Some old buildings are structurally sound but have an outdated façade. This can have a big impact on the property’s value, which is especially true for residential spaces. We can upgrade the entire façade by repainting, adding decorative details, and working on the design.

Updating to Modern Standards – Building code and standards change over time, evolving as experts find better ways to make a property secure. While older buildings don’t always have to undergo remedial construction to keep up with modern standards, sometimes it is a good idea to bring buildings up to modern standards.

These are just some of the many problems we can fix through remedial processes. As a licensed, certified, and insured company, we can make sure your property is strong and able to withstand wear for many more years to come.

If you want to know more about our strata and remedial construction services here at Viacon Projects, just contact us or call on 02 9513 9845 and we’ll be happy to help.



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